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Platoyo DataFactory

Product, manufacturer, and seller data from countless sources and in various formats?

No problem for the Platoyo DataFactory. It handles data management with a maximally flexible import, transformation, standardization, and enrichment. The Platoyo DataFactory easily processes data in all formats, harmonizes the data landscape, and optimizes the entire data import process.

 Platoyo makes data integration easy.


"For us, it's important that sellers can connect to our online marketplace with any data format. No complicated data transfer and no cumbersome product maintenance. With Platoyo, this is possible." Roland Ehry, Project Lead ShotLine24

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    Synchronizes inventory and price data from a wide range of inventory management systems

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    Enriches data with master product data from manufacturers

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    Maximal flexibility, able to process all possible formats from various sources

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    Millions of master product data from various brands and industries already available.

Use Case Letzshop

Data transformation for 500 sellers

For the online marketplace Letzshop, Platoyo processes the inventory data of sellers and the master product data from brands, delivering them integrated and in a unified format to the online marketplace.

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    Easily integrate, standardize, complete, and update data

As part of a nationwide digitalization initiative, the Ministry of Luxembourg set the goal of connecting stationary stores in Luxembourg with the world of eCommerce through the online platform

The goal

All sellers should have the same opportunities to link offline with online, regardless of their initial conditions.

The challenge

Due to the high number of participating sellers, a way had to be found to enable data import from a variety of different data sources and formats.

The result

With the help of the Platoyo DataFactory, the various inventory management systems were connected to, enabling automatic synchronization of inventory and product information with the online platform. This allows consumers to check the availability of products online. The automated translation of product data is ensured using artificial intelligence (AI).

Formats don't matter. The more product data, the better. The Platoyo DataFactory takes care of it!


Functions of the Platoyo DataFactory

The Platoyo DataFactory is maximally flexible and simplifies data management. More than 3,000 sellers synchronize, standardize, and complete 25 million products across over 30 platforms with the Platoyo DataFactory.


Any format

The Platoyo DataFactory can process content in all formats (e.g., XML, CSV, JSON, TXT, ...).


Any transmission method

Data can be delivered through all channels, such as HTTP, FTP, API, Dropbox, Email, and more.


Any data volume

The Platoyo DataFactory is infinitely scalable and can meet virtually any capacity requirements.


Configurable frequencies

Some data sources provide new data constantly, while others only once a year. The frequency can be individually set for each data provider.


Data enrichment

The Platoyo DataFactory can merge product and inventory data from various sources into a single feed.


Full- or Diff-updates

The system can process both complete updates and updates that only transfer changes.


AI integration

Artificial intelligence generates new product descriptions or translates existing texts into any language.

Sounds interesting?

"With the Platoyo DataFactory, we make data integration a breeze for our customers. Even sellers with little technical experience and disorganized data benefit from the flexibility of this solution. I am always delighted to help sellers easily showcase and appealingly present their information." Melanie Wilke, Data Integration Manager at Platoyo

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