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Multi Shop System

Automated Online Shops

With our Multi Shop System (automated online shops), sellers get their own webshop at the push of a button for selling their products and showcasing their business. The automated online shops can be easily generated via a centrally controlled platform. Setting up and operating them requires no in-house IT developers or servers.

Easily implement your own webshops with individual domains.

"With the automated online shops, sellers can leverage all the benefits of a central platform while having an individual shop that they can customize and promote. This motivates our sellers!" Philipp Dresel, Geschäftsführer ARS

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    Having your own domain strengthens your brand and enables personalized marketing efforts

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    Sellers can customize their automated online shops to match their own branding

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    Our Multi Shop System is quickly and easily implemented, ready to use at the push of a button

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    Combines the strengths of a central platform with individual online presences.

Bagmondo AOS

Automated online shops for bag fashion sellers

Members and non-members of the GOLDKRONE retail cooperative receive their own fully automated online shops effortlessly, including product data provision and inventory synchronization.

Key features

Platoyo's Multi Shop Solution provides maximum flexibility for platform operators and sellers. Sellers benefit from the central omnichannel infrastructure combined with an individual online shop, while platform operators offer their sellers an additional way to reach customers through a new sales channel.


Omnichannel Shopping

Customers can browse digitally and, if they wish, shop directly online or at the sellers' physical stores.


Automated domain management

All sellers receive their own domain or subdomain. The system also automatically handles SSL certificates.


Connection to external platforms

Sellers can also transfer their inventory to third-party platforms such as Google My Business ("Local Inventory"), Facebook, or Instagram.


Consistent Corporate Identity (CI)

The color schemes, fonts, basic design, and product presentation are configured either centrally for a consistent brand appearance or individually for each online shop, depending on the CI guidelines.


Individual Customizations

Many design and content elements can be customized in automated online shops.



No in-house IT developers or servers needed. Platoyo delivers the system as "Software as a Service".

Sounds interesting?

""The Platoyo omnichannel platform includes over 250 features for operating marketplaces and automated online shops. From data transformation and online shopping to your own voucher system, everything is included. This allows our customers to easily and quickly connect offline and online, leveraging their strengths across all channels.""
Rene Baisch, Business Development Platoyo

Rene Baisch Platoyo

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