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The Omnichannel Platform

Online marketplace 

With Platoyo, you launch your own fully equipped multi-vendor online marketplace with a variety of sellers and products, without the need for your own IT developers or servers.

250 marketplace features included, ready to launch!

"The software is powerful and yet, very easy to navigate as Platoyo's team takes care of the technical aspects and the backend is very user-friendly for our team. With Platoyo we now have an online marketplace that offers all we need and only requires limited technical expertise on our end." Bianca Raddatz, Project Manager Gomevo

Bianca Raddatz Gomevo
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    250+ features included for maximum functionality and flexibility

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    Top-notch Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, made in Germany

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    5-10 updates daily for optimal performance and user-friendliness

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    10+ years of experience in creating and operating omnichannel platforms

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Use Case Arbeitskreis Richtiges Spielzeug

The new online marketplace for the toy industry

The Arbeitskreis Richtiges Spielzeug (ARS) has recognized the opportunities of an omnichannel strategy and decided to offer its sellers a shared online marketplace. This approach allows them to tap into new customer groups, strengthen their competitiveness, and prepare ARS members for the future. Implemented with Platoyo in just four months!

Key features

The Platoyo omnichannel marketplace connects stationary offerings with digital demand. With Platoyo's marketplace solution, you open up new sales channels for sellers, manufacturers, and service providers, increase reach, and promote direct customer contact. The result: a compelling omnichannel strategy and a better market position both online and offline.


Cross-seller shopping cart

Users can add products from different sellers to their cart simultaneously and pay for everything in one transaction.


Contracts between sellers and buyers

Sellers and customers enter into a direct purchase agreement, so you, as the platform operator, do not need to act as an intermediary.


BaFin-compliant payment

The system has a deeply integrated payment provider that enables BaFin-compliant processing of payment flows. You do not need your own banking license.


Automated Billing

The Platoyo system automatically generates invoices and payments for the sellers.


Flexible & customizable

The system is built in a modular and flexible manner, allowing us to accommodate your specific feature requests.


Comprehensive interface infrastructure

External partners can be easily integrated thanks to the comprehensive interface infrastructure, and external service providers can access all kinds of data.

Sounds interesting?

"Our omnichannel platform with over 250 features, from simple data integration to payment processing, is flexible and quick to deploy. For more than a decade, we have passionately connected online and offline, whether through online marketplaces or multi-shop solutions."
Roman Heimbold, CEO Platoyo

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