Retail cooperatives

You are aware of the importance of an effective online presence for your members, but starting a commerce platform seems too complex and demanding?

Platoyo is the leading digitalization partner for retail cooperatives!

With a sophisticated and highly professional commerce software, deep expertise in digitalization processes, and a keen understanding of retail cooperatives and their members, we make the entry into eCommerce possible for everyone!

"With Platoyo's software solution and their team, anyone can launch an online marketplace!"" Axel Selmair (Seller ARS)

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The challenge 

Retail cooperatives know that digitalizing their members is a must. However, the complexity of the task, lack of know-how, limited resources, and varying wishes, expectations, and requirements create uncertainty and delay the project start.

This is where Platoyo comes in!

With our comprehensive platform technology, which includes all essential features for the successful operation of an online marketplace or a multi-shop system, paired with over 10 years of experience in digitalizing local commerce and a deep understanding of its characetristics, we support retail cooperatives, cooperatives, and purchasing associations in their digitalization efforts.

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    Refined technology and proven processes
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6 reasons for a retail cooperatives platform 

Retail cooperatives cannot avoid having their own commerce platform if they want to offer their members modern marketing and sales channels, expand their reach, and remain competitive in the digital age.

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    Achieve success together with a commerce platform!

Digitalization of members

Digitalization from a single source! With Platoyo, it's easy to achieve a shared commerce platform, impactful online shops, and centralized product data management.

Product data

Centralized import of product data from suppliers and brands via the retail cooperatives platform. This ensures data is standardized, always up-to-date, and easily accessible to all members.

Member retention

A strong IT infrastructure creates advantages for all participating companies, such as synergy effects, increased revenue, process optimization, and improved image. This ensures long-term member retention!

SEO effects

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complex! By combining resources on a shared platform, members collectively achieve a much stronger SEO impact than individual members could on their own. The result: increased visibility and consequently higher sales!

Inventory management

The shared platform provides an overview of the current product inventories of individual members. This data can also be used to optimize purchasing and logistics.

Cost efficient

A shared platform is much more cost-effective than the total expenses members would incur if digitalizing individually. This minimizes the financial burden on individual members while maximizing the benefits.

Key features for retail cooperatives


We know that a competitive commerce solution for retail cooperatives must be capable of many things. That's why Platoyo not only includes all the features for a successful online marketplace, automated multi-shops, and easy data integration, but also guides you step-by-step through the platform project and supports you with our support team after the launch.


Online marketplace

All members' products are displayed on a central marketplace and offered for sale according to the configuration.


Product data

Platoyo can process various sources and formats of product master data and merge them with the inventory data of the members.


Joint SEO power

The platform achieves top positions for relevant search queries on the internet through theme-centered content.


Automated billing

All processes for billing and invoicing, as well as disbursements, are fully automated. Billing can be managed through central regulation.


BaFin-compliant payment processing

Payment transactions are, of course, BaFin-compliant and handled with the help of a globally renowned payment service provider.


Active inventory management

Platform operators have insights into the inventories of the members. This allows for the optimization of purchasing and logistics processes.


Training & support

Platoyo offers training and workshops for participating members upon request, as well as ongoing support for end customers via phone and email.


Efficient processes

No more complexity! We handle the technical implementation and guide you through the process step by step, allowing you to focus on your core activities.


The Platoyo Network

We firmly believe in collective growth. Therefore, we focus on collaboration, regular exchange, and best practice sharing across projects, industries, and customer groups.

Sounds interesting?

Use Case Bagmondo

Goldkrone is Europe's largest retail cooperative in the leather goods trade. With the shared online marketplace, the local presence of members was to be strengthened, linking stationary and online commerce, and making members fit for the future.

The challenge:
skeptical sellers, limited resources, and a tight schedule.

The result:
a modern central online marketplace with individual online shops for the sellers. Tailored to the members' wishes and easy to use.

With Platoyo ready in just eight weeks!

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""Members of our retail cooperative should be able to showcase their local strengths and products and sell them online through a modern and easy-to-use platform. With Platoyo, we have found the right partner!"

Ralf Herzog
Manager E-Commerce / Multichannel Goldkrone

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Examples of retail cooperatives using the Platoyo technology:

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