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Hardly anyone shops in stationary retail without researching online beforehand. This ROPO behavior (Research Online Purchase Offline) has become the norm for consumers, while the desire for offline shopping is simultaneously increasing. Those who skillfully combine the opportunities of online commerce with the strengths of local stores will emerge as clear winners from these developments.

What is needed for this: a well-thought-out omnichannel strategy and the technology that cleverly supports it.

Platoyo supports chain stores with state-of-the-art technology, a comprehensive feature set, and efficient processes.

"Hybrid branches are becoming the new standard – stores that combine online and offline experiences." The Future of Store Operations (Scandit)

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The challenge

Chain stores typically have a shared inventory management system and a central online presence. The problem with this setup is that while it allows sales through the central online shop, the individual branches remain barely visible.

With Platoyo technology, branches receive centrally managed online presences that offer real added value for end customers.

Our omnichannel solution is designed to meet the needs of chain stores. It specifically supports the advantages of central management such as unified corporate identity (CI), shared inventory management, and standardized sales processes. At the same time, it enables individual online shops, allowing branches to independently promote their products and services. The local inventory display attracts customers directly to the store!

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    Combination of a central commerce platform and individual online shops

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    State-of-the-art technology with 5-10 updates per day

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    Flexible software solution. Customizable to individual needs.

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    10+ years of experience in connecting online and offline.

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6 reasons for a branch platform

A central platform consolidates the strengths of all involved. It allows for unified management of key processes while enabling local branches to showcase their strengths through individual online presences.

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    Centrally organized, locally present - strong together!

Digitalization of branches

With the Platoyo software solution, companies can digitalize their branches quickly and easily! Our technology brings branches online in just a few steps. This allows them to present themselves both digitally and offline, leveraging the ROPO effects for their benefit!

Centralized & individual

Central platform, yet individua online presences for branches? With Platoyo, it's completely possible! This improves the efficiency of the entire company, enhances the visibility of individual branches, and increases revenue for all.

Real-time inventory

The inventory of the branches is updated in near real-time. This way, customers can see if the desired item is available on-site and can order or reserve it online using Ship from Store, Click & Collect, or Click & Reserve.

Even more customer service

Consumers like it fast, convenient, and flexible. Digitalization enables branches to offer additional services such as local deliveries, pre-orders, appointment bookings, and events, making them visible and promotable.

Omnichannel strategy

Offline is no longer sufficient. Online alone isn't either! Customers seek a first-class shopping experience across all sales channels - an opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores to present themselves strongly and benefit from ROPO effects.

Increase visibility

The joint strategy increases the visibility of all participants. Whether it's expert positioning, improved search engine results (SEO), or combined marketing activities: more visibility leads to higher sales.

Key features for chain stores

What chain stores need? A highly professional software solution that meets all the requirements of branch operations. At the same time, the platform must be easy to use and allow branches to present themselves individually within the brand's CI. Digitalizing branches is easy with our solution! 


Online marketplace

All products can be displayed on a central online marketplace with a cross-branch shopping cart upon request. The Platoyo marketplace solution includes 250+ features that specifically support online-offline integration.


Individual online shops

Branches can receive individual online presences with optional shopping functionalities under their own domain, if desired. This enables independent marketing activities and boosts sales!


Integration with inventory management systems

Inventory and prices are automatically synchronized with the branches' inventory management systems. This ensures clarity on what is available, where, and at what price.


Display of product availability

Important for customers: availability display for the local branch. This allows them to conveniently research online before shopping locally. A seamless shopping experience for customers and ROPO effects for the branches!


Flexible delivery options

Whether it's classic shipping, Click & Collect, Same Day Delivery, Ship from Store, or simply in-store shopping after online research - all are flexibly supported by the Platoyo platform.


Services & Events

Stationary stores have a lot to offer! With the Platoyo solution, branches can easily promote their services, events, and job listings online, driving more traffic and increasing customer loyalty.

Sounds interesting?

Customer Success Story

Use Case SPORT 2000

SPORT 2000 is part of the ANWR Group eG, one of the most successful and highest-revenue retail cooperatives in Europe. The group already has a powerful online shop, but the stationary stores also desire an online shop with their own content and individual domain.

Important prerequisite: centralized implementation and maintenance, so the stores do not have any technical effort with their new online shop.

The result

The multi-shop platform was available for boarding and branding within three days. The entire project was completed in just four months.

Technical implementation by Platoyo with minimal resource investment from SPORT 2000.

Jacqueline Reiling ANWR

"The IT behind such a multi-shop platform is very complex. But I hardly notice it at all. I can fully focus on my main tasks: sales, marketing, and supporting the sellers."

Jacqueline Reiling, Product Owner ANWR

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